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Reflexology-aroma fusion in Frome

Individual session (60 mins)

Course of six weekly treatments with one free treatment

Reflexology in FormeA one-off reflexology treatment may be highly beneficial. However, six successive weekly treatments are recommended for the best results.

Based on a consultation, I will create your personalised treatment, combining traditional and advanced reflexology techniques with an aromatherapy oil blend tailor-made for you. I can also incorporate Reiki healing, visualisation, yoga breathing and deep relaxation techniques to enhance your healing process. as a complement to your treatment.

Baby Reflexology in FormeReflexology can be beneficial for a broad range of acute and chronic conditions including headaches, back pain, skin problems, irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive complaints, stress-related illnesses, anxiety-induced ailments, and much much more! It’s a safe and suitable treatment for the whole family, as well as for pregnant women.

The science of reflexology has been used in the Far East, Ancient Egypt and among the Native American Indians for over 3000 years.

Today, it is widely established as a popular and effective holistic healing therapy. Reflexes in the hands and feet are connected throughout the body: by gentle stimulation, tension is alleviated and a free-flow of energy occurs, establishing and maintaining natural body balance.